Knowing About Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury cases are referred to as legal dispute, which is an outcome when a person suffers harm from an accident or injury, such that someone else might be legally responsible for the harm. The legal dispute can be settled in two ways, through a formal lawsuit, which is through civil court proceedings that seek to find someone else or others legally at fault by way of a court judgment, or through an informal settlement, which is resolved before any lawsuit is filed.

A formal personal injury case is described as a civil case and not like a criminal case, which is initiated by the government. For a civil case is to be brought into court, a private individual, called as plaintiff,  files a civil complaint against another person or business entity or corporation or government agency, called the defendant, claiming that the defendant acted carelessly or irresponsibly in connection with an accident or injury that caused harm to the plaintiff. This action process is referred to as filing a formal lawsuit.

A plaintiff has a limited time to file a formal lawsuit, which is called a statute of limitations. The period of time which is ruled by the statute of limitation begins when the plaintiff is injured or discovers the injury. Statutes of limitations are established by the state law and may vary according to the type of injury. Know more about laws at

In most dispute cases, particularly personal injury cases, these are resolved through informal, early settlement, involving the parties concerned: the plaintiff, the insurers of plaintiff and defendant, dui lawyer rancho cucamonga representing the plaintiff and defendant, respectively. An informal settlement takes place first in the form of negotiation, followed by a written agreement in which both parties agree to forego any further lawsuit action, and instead to resolve the matter through payment of an agreeable amount of money. Between a lawsuit and an informal settlement is what is known as a middle ground alternative dispute resolution procedures called mediation and arbitration.

In arbitration, the disputing parties present their case to a neutral third party, who is authorized by the parties concerned to render a decision. This process is basically considered quicker to settle, less expensive, and provides greater flexibility of legal process and procedure. The parties select the arbitrator and given exercise control over certain aspects of the procedure. In most jurisdictions, the arbitration format is similar to a civil trial, where the parties make opening and closing arguments, present testimony and witnesses, and offer documents. However, the rules of presenting the evidences do not apply, and the cross-examination and discovery opportunities are limited. Learn about divorce lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga here!


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